June, 2016


FBG Duck Faces Murder Charges

Fbg duck

Chicago Rapper FBG Duck is facing murder charges right now in Chicago. He is known for being a true G in the music scene world wide but has he gone to far? He is currently facing 20 to life for murder right now in Chicago. He litterally murdered the beat in his song “Lets Talk” and Chicago Police department is not happy. Will FBG Duck dodge the charges? Take a listen to Duck Murder the beat on “Lets Talk”. Make sure to drop a like at the top! Mobil usersRead More

Reason Nicki Minaj Dominates The Music Industry

Nicki Minaj has millions of fans all over the world and continues to capitalize on the music industry year after year. Why has she been able to do this for so long? Will she continue to make millions with her music? Most fans say they will always be fans and support her music. It seems shes getting lots of hate for her biggest assets on social media right now butt her true fans seem too enjoy the latest picture going around on social media. Heres your number one reason youRead More

Iggy Azalea Hot Bikini Photos

Iggy Azalea celebrates her 26 birthday with friends with some hot bikini photos proving she is still one of the sexiest women in hollywood. Her fans were more then pleased with her instagram post! The world is still in awe with her figure and fabulous booty! See for yourself. Be sure to drop a like at the top and share! Mobil users scroll down to comment!

Blistering Hot Ariana Grande

ariana grande

Not very many artists can compare to the sexiness Ariana Grande brings in her Music Video for,”In To You from her album Dangerous Women!” She is really a hottie and is never scared to show it. Now at over 50 million plays on youtube, In To You is a must see Video! Can another artist really outshine the great Ariana Grande? Drop your comments below and be sure to subscribe for our latest news!

Medicinal Marijauna Insurance?

Medicinal Marijauna Insurance Really Exists?

5 Reasons Weed Should Be Legal In Texas

This has been a very sensitive issue for years as many texans await the recreational use of weed to be legalized in texas. Through out the years it seems that the the war against weed is costing the government more money then it would to legalize it. Will the recreational use of marijauna in texas ever become a reality for texas and the wake and bake stoners? After the Texas Legislature passed the medical bill known as the Compassionate Use Act in 2015 that legalized low-THC cannabidiol oil for patientsRead More

Former Weslaco Resident Killed In Orlando Shooting

Former Weslaco Resident Killed In Orlando Shooting It was confirmed Monday that beloved Frank Hernandez was killed in the Orlando Shooting and the news has left his family devistated. Frank Hernandez was killed Sunday morning at Pulse Night Club in Orlando Florida where he lived for three years. Franks mother had this to say. “He was a good son even when he was living far away,” his mother, Esmeralda Escalante, told The Advocate newspaper of Baton Rouge, Louisiana. “He was happy all the time.” It is such a shame toRead More

Survivor Tells All About Orlando Shooting

Orlando Shooting

Orlando Shooting Survivor Speaks Last night a terrible tragedy occured at an Orlando Florida night club resulting in a mass shooting record of 50 deaths. Pulse Orlando is a gay night club located in downtown Orlando where subject Omar Mateen opened fire and took victims for hostage killing atleast 50 people and injuring 53 helpless individuals.The tragedy of the Orlando Shooting has really takin social media by storm and many are unhappy because it has been confirmed that Omar Mateen was a member of ISIS and ISIS has already takenRead More

Lil Wayne Drops Cleveland Cavaliers Anthem “Off Off Off”

Lil Wayne

Lil Wayne is definitely a huge fan of the Cleveland Cavaliers and Lebron James and proved so with his latest Cleveland Cavaliers anthem entitled, “Off Off Off”. Will this have a positive effect on the Caviliers? Only time will tell. Mean while take a listen and be sure to subscribe to our blog for all of the latest hip hop news! Just scroll to the bottom!

Nick Cannon Challenges Eminem To A 100K Battle Rap With Support From The Taliban

Nick Cannon

Nick Cannon 100k Rap Battle At an interview with Tim Westwood U.K. Radio host, Nick Cannon unleashed info that he was looking to battle The Rap God Eminem at the BET awards for 100k. Tim Westwood had no faith in the Wild n Out host of ever winning the battle and almost felt sorry for Nick. Nick shook it off and said, “I’m still ready! I’m tryin to find him. Where is he?” He then told Westwood he had reached out to Tyga, but he didn’t want it aswell as allRead More