All Eyes On Me Fire Or Not?

All Eyes On Me

The All Eyes On Me film about the untold story of Tupac Amaru Shakur debuted last week and had many critics across the globe downing the entire film. How could this be? What happend to making a film and viewers being satisfied that they had a film to even watch to get away from their daily lives. As social media becomes the outlet to any and everyones opinion, it seems the film industry has taken a bullet from the gun that is social media so to say. As critics share opinions of All Eye’s On Me being anything but the truth to Tupac Amaru Shukur”s story, one might wonder if this is true.

For those who have not seen the film don’t judge until you’ve seen it as you may be in for a suprize. We want to reach out those who have seen All Eyes On Me and ask for your opinion on the film. Was it really trash as many have voiced through social media? Please vote at the bottom and subscribe for further news on this topic and other breaking news. Feel free to drop a comment on the bottom as well. One thing is for sure. Twenty five million dollars during the first week is a great way to start and we look forward the seeing the final result.

Photo Credits: Quantrell Colbert/Lionsgate, Summit Entertainment


All Eyes On Me Fire Or Not?

Was All Eyes On Me Fire Or Trash?

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