MCA? How You Can Make Big Money With MCA From Your Phone

MCA IS BOOMING ALREADY As most of you have already seen for some time. MCA associates have been raking in money left and right. You always see the video with an MCA associate flashing money around in excitement because they made several hundred dollars. Motor Club Of America is a great company that offers it’s associates the ability to make 80$ commissions for signing up friends and family to become associates. Besides all the benefits that come with it, it works because everyone wants to make money and lots joinRead More

YungStan Ft. JunoMilli & Melo “Confidential” Is Hot

Here’s Some Fire From Yungstan JunoMilli and Melo Check out YungStan, JunoMilli and Melo on one of their latest tracks entitled Confidential. Heat up your playlist with Confidential! This track is a sure banger that’s making it’s way around the web! These artists are really bringing the heat in the booth! Subscribe for future updates their story!

Surf & Network With Indie Artists Just Like You

Artists Don’t Get Enough Love Now A Days As we all know there is an abundance of artists out their grinding like there’s no tomorrow. Sometimes it seems like for some artists that know one cares about their music, or maybe its just that is not getting the right attention it needs to be heard. Here at The Portal To Hollywood we wanted to show some artists out there love by creating an Indie Artist List. Below is a list of artists that reached out to us in no particularRead More

Ron Oneal Hits The Booth With Rick Ross

Ron Oneal

Ron Oneal Drops His Hot Track Entitled Sprinkle On Them Featuring Rick Ross & SV Skee After being discovered by Rick Ross a while back, Ron Oneal has proved he is worthy to share the booth with the great Rick Ross himself. He has recently dropped an official track entitled Sprinkle On Them Featuring Rick Ross and SV Skee. He is truly living the dream right now! Time and time again Oneal is proving he is one of the best! Check out his latest bars on Sprinkle On Them FeaturingRead More

21 Savage, Migos’ Offset, And Metro Boomin Drop Hot New Callaboritive Album Entitled Without Warning

  Stream Without Warning Now After every artist on this record having one of the best years of their career, these 3 artists are finishing off 2017 in style. With guest appearances by Travis Scott and Quavo, Without Warning is sure to be a big hit world wide.

Raww Blue Heats Up The Music Scene With His New Song Entitled Coming Up

Raww Blue

  Raww Blue Is Coming Up! Raw Blue dropped a hot new joint again and it is fire! In his latest track entitled Coming Up featuring Shiggy, Raww Blue shows his fans world wide that he’s still got it and is in it to win it. He is Coming Up! This is a dope track that is popping off on everybody’s playlist on a global scale! Take a listen for your self and enjoy! Be sure to subscribe for future updates on Raww Blue and his Journey! This is trulyRead More

Gary Vaynerchuk Takes Entrepreneurship To New Heights

Vaynerchuk Prepares For His First Official Sneaker Launch With K Swiss Gary Vaynerchuk is undeniably one of the world’s most favorited entrepreneurs and is touching the hearts of many. From his motivational words on The DAILYVEE Show to his content on social media he has truly become the go to guy for business advice and motivation. After years of living the entrepreneurial life Gary has proven once again that he still has some tricks up his sleeve. Gary Vaynerchuk will be dropping his very own custom sneaker with K SwissRead More

Lil Pump Drops Some Fire With Gucci Gang

Lil Pump Drops His Latest Music Video For Gucci Gang Lil Pump drops his latest music video for Gucci Gang and as expected he hit over 1.5 million plays in one day. At the age of 17 he is an artist that has a mad fan base that will support him until the end. In Gucci gang he show case’s a tiger and an abundance of lean while walking around a school campus. Is this one of his hottest tracks? What do you think? Whats your favorite Lil Pump track?Read More

Navarro’s Transmissions Serving The RGV

Navarro’s Transmissions Serves Mercedes With Finest Auto Repair Navarro’s Transmissions offers the best in transmission repair across the RGV! Located in Mercedes Texas Navarro’s has you covered with anything from Motor Repairs, Transmission Repairs, Shift Kit Installations and much more! Located on 1305 West 2nd St. Mercedes, Texas Call us today for you Quote! 956-560-1405   Written By Rich Boss August 2, 2017  

JaySin The Sin God Bringing The Heat

JaySin The Sin God

JAYSIN THE SIN GOD DROPS SOME FIRE JaySin The Sin God is an up and coming artist thats showing his fans that he’s not messing around when it comes to his music. His latest video has close to 100k in plays on Facebook with almost no push to it. Just came naturally as the fans began to stack up. Check it out for yourselves and join the movement!   Get Your Music Featured On The Portal The Portal To Hollywood offers music video placement just like this one for indieRead More