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Brand Awareness is Key

What is brand awareness? Are consumers aware of my brand? Are they aware of my product or services? My services are unique and unprecedented, but does anyone know about them. These are good questions to ask yourself if you are a business owner looking to take your business to new heights. Many entrepreneurs fail to realize how important brand awareness really is and the positive impact it can have on their business.

We have all seen it time and time again. A new business opens up in ¬†town. You give it a try and grab a bite to eat and realize that the food is amazing and say to yourself that you’ll have to come back. For the next several months you go about your life and find your friends talking about this new burger joint called Puffy’s Burgers. They go on and on about how great tasting their cheese burger is and insist that you try them out. You friend hands you a coupon for one free cheese burger with the purchase of a milkshake insisting you have it.

Then next day you find yourself waiting in line at the local hardware shop and grab to free local newspaper to read while you wait to be helped. As you open the paper you see the words Puffy’s Burgers almost jump out the page with pictures of delicious looking cheese burgers and milkshakes that have you craving a cheese burger instantaneously. To your surprise, it has the exact same coupon your friend had given you the day before.

This is great news considering you lost the other one she gave you the day before. So as you google the address you realize that it is located next to the restaurant you had gone to months before. To your surprise there is a for rent sign on the window where the business once was. So you walk into Puffy’s Burgers and present your coupon for a free cheese burger. The meal ends up being as tasty as it looked on the newspaper advertisement. You friend was right. So delicious!

For the next couple days you now see Puffy’s Burger advertisements everywhere. On tv commercials, magazines,newspapers, radio commercials, Facebook advertisements and much more. The moral of the story is the business that brands itself correctly is usually the last one standing no matter what the competition. You need to get your name out there to attract customers to your business. Brand awareness really is key to great business! For those of you who own a business in the Rio Grande Valley, Valleywood Magazine would like offer its services for professional advertising across the RGV. Brand your business with Valleywood Magazine! Where advertising is a life style!

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