The FLOW FOXIES Heading For Stardom

The FLOW FOXIES are a dance group like no other heading for the starlight faster then a speeding bullet! Founded by the beautiful Lya Mary Dee they have found a love for the art of dance that is unprecidented.received_635296719974823 “When we are in the room we always make it FLOW,” says Lya. The Group consists of 6 drop dead gorgeous girls, Thalia “Rogue, Glenda “Chica Cabra”, Romany “Moon Gypsy”, Lily Lotus, Zen Wild Fire and Lya Mary Dee. They are sure to take your breath away. Taking dancing to another demention, The Flow Foxies are a sure thing for venues looking to book a hot act that can pack it up! Catch the Flow Foxies this friday at Avenue in Mcallen Texas! Show starts at 9! Catch featured act and performer the great Kristina Rev performing her latest material. Try not to fall in love.img_85961 The Last Departure will be making an appearence for a hot performance sure to burn the house down unless Kristina beats them to it. Come out and join the movement entitled The Freedom Of Expression!
Call 956-588-3365 to Book THE FLOW FOXIES for your next party or event.




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