Former Weslaco Resident Killed In Orlando Shooting

Former Weslaco Resident Killed In Orlando Shooting

It was confirmed Monday that beloved Frank Hernandez was killed in the Orlando Shooting and the news has left his family devistated. Frank Hernandez was killed Sunday morning at Pulse Night Club in Orlando Florida where he lived for three years. Franks mother had this to say.

“He was a good son even when he was living far away,” his mother, Esmeralda Escalante, told The Advocate newspaper of Baton Rouge, Louisiana. “He was happy all the time.”

It is such a shame to here that an RGV native was killed in this horrific tragedy and The Portal sends its condolences to the family of Frank Hernandez. There is a website that has been built for funeral costs that has raised 4000 dollars since Monday. Be sure to send your donations for all is helpful. Thank you from The Portal To Hollywood.

Written by Rich Boss




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