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Do you have your own online business creating Mixtape covers? Do you sell beats online? Do you provides cd duplication for artists? The Portal To Hollywood is creating a brand new category for those who provide theses services on our site. The Portal To Hollywood is the perfect place to gain new customers considering the majority of our visitors are indie hip hop artists! Artists are always in need of fresh new beats, mixtape covers, and cd duplication and our Mixtape Services category will be a one stop shop for artists world wide! Get your services listed on our category at an affordable price! Brand your business through celebrity news! To show gratitude to all of our future customers we will be starting out this campaign with prices that are unreal!

Get your official Mixtape Services post now for 25$!
All Purchased posts stay up so your can maximize profits!

Purchase your advertisement then email us your link for your service, picture or logo, and a description of your services. Be sure to email a copy of your receipt of purchase as well. We hope to hear from you! Thank you for branding your business with The Portal To Hollywood Celebrity News.
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