Ray Huerta Has Trained Over 15 Golden Glove Champions

Golden Glove Champion Trainer Ray Huerta

Ray Huerta has been in the boxing world for 35 years and counting. He is a humble trainer that has many acomplishments in the boxing world. He has trained over 26 proffessional boxers through out his lifetime and has lead 15 boxers to become golden glove champions. He is a man that is humble and treats his students with respect and loyalty. He stated in an interview that he feels great joy when he reachs the kid on the street and takes him away from the troubles of drugs and what not through boxing. All in all his students say he is a great man and a great trainer and they are honored to have him as their teacher. It is amazing how much support he has from his students. He is a trainer that is in it for the long run. This is truly what he loves. Are you ready to give boxing a shot? Look no further and call Ray Huerta to start classes asap!

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