Soundcloud Blog Placement Smash Deal!

Soundcloud Blog Placement

Smash Deal


The Portal To Hollywood is proud to announce our Soundcloud Blog Placement Smash deal to Indie Artists across the globe! To show appreciation to our readers, subscribers and indie artists world wide we will be offering artists an official post in our new Soundcloud category for a one time price of 15$. This will include a┬áheadline, tagged social media channels, tagged channels where you sell your music, a small bio and your soundcloud playlist listed in our soundcloud category! Get your music up now! Make your purchase and email us your artwork or picture, a link to your soundcloud channel, a small bio, your music sales page channel links such as itunes and we will create your post and have it running in no time. Email us a copy of your receipt after you’ve made your purchase.

Feel free to call and ask questions

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