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Artists Don’t Get Enough Love Now A Days

As we all know there is an abundance of artists out their grinding like there’s no tomorrow. Sometimes it seems like for some artists that know one cares about their music, or maybe its just that is not getting the right attention it needs to be heard. Here at The Portal To Hollywood we wanted to show some artists out there love by creating an Indie Artist List. Below is a list of artists that reached out to us in no particular order that you can link up with for beats features or just to show some appreciation to their craft.

  1. Simber “Exclusive Beats & Remixs”

2. Lil Flame


3. Carrvion

4. Candy Date

5. Paranormal


6. Logan Wayne

7. Cyril


8. Malcom Temple


9. YNot


10. 825 DayLone





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